One word can have homeowners, management personnel and real estate agents alike rubbing their hands in anxiety. Mold.

The potential problems that are generated with the growth of mold can be very serious. Anyone who has had to deal with a mold problem knows the far-reaching implications that are generated when mold is allowed to grow unchecked. Just the suspicion of the presence of mold during a home inspection in Willoughby is enough to cause building owners to start counting up the costs for removal. Mold is taken so seriously because it often indicates other problems and can exacerbate health problems with those residents who live with it. Mold is capable of doing extreme structural damage as building materials are often broken down as the mold permeates the porous materials. Gasses are then released into the environment, affecting the quality of the indoor air. Poor indoor quality leads to health and respiratory issues in both children and adults. Asthma, allergies and other breathing problems have been on the up rise, making indoor air quality one of the country’s biggest public health concerns. Extended exposure to damp areas and mold growth has been found by some studies to even cause lung infections and in severe cases, instances of some cancers.

Being such a serious issue, it goes without saying, that full remediation and removal of any mold growth is imperative to the integrity of any inhabited building. Home and building inspectors should be thoroughly trained in the signs and indications of mold growth in order to warn potential home buyers of its presence and to protect them against making a buying mistake that could cost them both money and good health.

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