We worry a lot about keeping windows and doors locked, but the garage is often an overlooked gateway for thieves. If your garage is attached to your home—or if you keep anything of value in that area—you should implement these tactics to keep trespassers out.

1. Use a zip tie.

Even if you have a fancy automatic garage door, thieves can break in within six minutes. How? By using a coat hanger to reach the emergency release handle. But don’t panic. There are ways to protect yourself from a break-in by using something as simple and cheap as a zip tie. When connected to a loop in the emergency latch, a zip tie keeps thieves from disabling the automatic door and gaining entry. Watch a tutorial to learn how to use this zip tie hack to keep intruders out of your garage.

Another option is to remove the emergency pull all together. Just know that if you do have an emergency, it’ll take you a few extra minutes to release the garage door.

2. Keep your garage door opener in the house.

It’s convenient to keep your garage door opener in the car, but doing so makes it easy for burglars to snatch it. Get in the habit of bringing your garage door opener into the house with you. Attach the remote to your keychain if that helps you remember. Or, if you must leave it in the car, lock your remote in the glove compartment, so thieves can’t see or steal it.

3. Use a Door Devil.

If your garage has a side door, thieves can kick it in. That’s where devices like Door Devil come in handy. These doorstops screw into the ground and prevent your door from being compromised. You can install a Door Devil or similar product on other exterior doors in your home to heighten your security, too.

4. Keep windows frosted.

People who can see into your garage are a lot more likely to try to break in. If you have garage door windows, use a frosted spray paint to increase privacy, or install shades to prevent anyone from peeking inside.

5. Install an alarm.

Garage door alarms operate much like window locks; if they sense motion, they’ll emit a loud alarm. You can shop for a garage door alarm likeSABRE to keep your garage secure.

6. Choose the right materials.

If your garage door is falling apart, it’s that much easier for people to break in. You should install a metal or solid wooden garage door, so it’s strong enough to stand up to thieves.

7. Install motion sensing lights.

Keeping your garage well-lit will deter thieves. You can shop for awesome motion sensing lights that do everything from basic motion detection to alerting you through an app when its light flicks on. To keep a complete eye on your garage, take a look at home security cameras too

8. Keep a radio on.

If you were sneaking into a house, but heard a noise, would you keep going? Probably not. That’s the theory behind turning on a radio in your garage. Noise indicates human presence, and that’s something burglars want to avoid.

Want to make the rest of your home as secure as your garage? Compare top home security providers who offer products like smart doorbells, door and window ala.

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