Never Waive A Home Inspection

All over Ohio, many areas are experiencing red hot real estate markets; to a degree that some have never seen before. Bidding wars, cash offers, and buying property site-unseen are now becoming somewhat of a norm in some areas. We’ve even heard of the extremely risky process of some even foregoing the inspection process in order to gain an edge over other potential buyers. Though it’s tempting to try to think of creative ways to encourage sellers to accept your offer, as home inspectors in Ohio, this is a ploy that we would never recommend. Sure, you risk losing the bid to someone else but your financial future could be on the line too.

Yes, it’s true that disclosure laws require homeowners to divulge any problems that they are aware of, but many times (more often than not) issues exist without the homeowner’s knowledge; and those issues could end up costing you more than just a pretty penny. A professional home inspector does much more than point out shortcomings; trained inspectors can actually spot issues that can develop into major problems with the structure of the house. Problems that may preclude you from even making an offer on a home if you were aware of it. These problems often include evidence of mold, termites, outdated plumbing, cracks in the foundation and problems with the roof.

The bottom line is that a thorough home inspection not only ensures that your investment is protected but also alerts you to an issue if a seller suggests that you skip it in order to win the bid. Always keep the long-term costs in mind and do not forego your right to a home inspection in Ohio or anywhere else.

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